Fire Watch Live!

We made a live album! I have gathered a new band for the songs and together we played a wonderful concert at Alte Feuerwache Friedrichshain in Berlin. We played songs old and new, from all my previous releases. And with the help from Ming and Pete Scholz as special guests, we had a magical evening — and a packed house to boot.

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Fire Watch Live! (front cover)Fire Watch Live! (back cover)

1. This Is It, 2. The Stumbling Leg Of Mine, 3. Du Warst Dabei, 4. The Beginning, 5. Pictures, 6. Start Again, 7. My Fading Memories, 8. Krabat, 9. Die Leichtigkeit, 10. I Feel Fine, 11. Way Back Home, 12. I Am With You, 13. What Love Is For, 14. Bristol, 15. Écoute-Moi

Guitar: Steven Kopp
Bass: Lars Fiedler
Drums: Tina Katzenberger
Piano: Danilo Mićić
Vocals: Conny Fleischer

Recording and Mix: Rene Kusatz
Live Engineer: Chris Rothkugel
Photos: Stefan Freimark
Special Thanks to: Marion Jarosch, Thomas Beyer, Pete Scholz, Isabelle Holtkamp & Ming, Katrin Eggert

All songs written by Holger Eggert
Recorded on September 1st 2023
At Alte Feuerwache Friedrichshain
© Holger Eggert / Levelgreen