The Overview Effect

This album started as a small idea while I was recording songs in Hamburg and grew into something much bigger over the following six months. But I knew from the start that I wanted to play the piano more than the guitar. And while some songs are again very old, some were only finished during the making of this album.

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The Overview Effect (front cover)The Overview Effect (back cover)

1. Bristol, 2. An Dir, 3. Way Back Home, 4. Die Leichtigkeit, 5. Leinen Los, 6. Atom Of Desire, 7. How And When, 8. Kingdom, 9. First Draft, 10. Écoute-Moi

All songs written and produced by Holger Eggert
Recorded in 2023
Mastered by Rene Kusatz
(C) Holger Eggert, Levelgreen