Lost Ghosts

I finished my new album and I really like it! (If I may say so.) This time with more guitars and electronic sounds, but the same songwriting and spirit. Some of these are new and some are very old, with a really old song as bonus.

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Lost Ghosts (front cover)Lost Ghosts (back cover)

1. This Is It, 2. Pictures, 3. Du Warst Dabei, 4. The Beginning, 5. Slow Down, 6. Start Again (Dance With Me), 7. Stay With Me, 8. Time’s Conundrum, 9. The Stumbling Leg Of Mine, 10. Why Don’t You, 11. I Am With You, 12. My Fading Memories, 13. Bonus: Lose It 2008

All songs written and produced by Holger Eggert
Guest vocals on “Pictures” by Katrin Eggert
Recorded 2018-2020
(C) Holger Eggert, Levelgreen