Before Was Good

Here it is, this is the big one! Songs of broken hearts, new beginnings and immortal bliss. Two years in the making this is my first full-length release, with the lovely Inga Hopf singing and playing as a very special guest.

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Before Was Good (front cover)Before Was Good (back cover)

1. The Certainty Principle, 2. From Here Till Forever, 3. Krabat, 4. What Love Is For, 5. Turn the Hands of Time, 6. Counting Chimneys (with Inga Hopf), 7. All I See, 8. Carnival and Storm (with Inga Hopf), 9. I Feel Fine, 10. A Decade in the Making, 11. Good Night My Love

All songs written by Holger Eggert.
Guest vocals and violin by Inga Hopf.
Recorded in 2013-2014.
© Holger Eggert / Levelgreen.

Demos 2010

These are songs that for some reason just seemed to stick, that somehow stood out for me amongst all that I wrote. I did not want to wait until I would do a proper album again so I put them together like this. These are demo recordings, wrong notes and all.

Demos 2010 (back cover)Demos 2010 (front cover)

1. Krabat, 2. I Feel Fine, 3. Start Again (Dance With Me)
All Songs written by Holger Eggert.
Recorded January and May 2010.
Photo by Stefan Freimark.
© Holger Eggert / Levelgreen

All I See

Most of these songs I had already played live by the time it came to making this record. And then I got the wonderful Marija to sing on Counting Chimneys, the recording sessions of which were magical. What more could you ask for?

All I See (back cover)All I See (front cover)

1. Lose It, 2. Counting Chimneys, 3. All I See, 4. Slow Down
All songs written by Holger Eggert.
Guest vocals by Marija Deutsch.
Recorded in July 2009.
© Holger Eggert / Levelgreen