All I See

Most of these songs I had already played live by the time it came to making this record. And then I got the wonderful Marija to sing on Counting Chimneys, the recording sessions of which were magical. What more could you ask for?

All I See (back cover)All I See (front cover)

1. Lose It, 2. Counting Chimneys, 3. All I See, 4. Slow Down
All songs written by Holger Eggert.
Guest vocals by Marija Deutsch.
Recorded in July 2009.
© Holger Eggert / Levelgreen

Way Back Home

I finally started writing songs again in the summer of 2008 after quite some years and this is what came out of it. The recording quality is a bit rough but I still hold this record very dear to my heart. One day I’ll redo these songs properly.

Way Back Home (back cover)Way Back Home (front cover)

1. The Stumbling Leg Of Mine, 2. Tell Me Why, 3. Love Song, 4. Way Back Home
All songs written by Holger Eggert.
Recorded in August 2008.
© Holger Eggert / Levelgreen