Welcome to The Target Principle

So here’s the thing: I’ve been trying out a new way of developing projects. I am using this mainly for User Experience Design projects but it might even apply elsewhere. So far I’ve been rather successful with this method and now I want to develop and refine it further.

I call it the Target Principle and it helps with the questions “What do we want to do?”, “What to we need to do?” and “How do we go about it?”. It is not entirely new, of course — I’d say it’s a collection of things applied in a novel way. It helps particularly at the beginning of a project and it is great for doing workshops with several people in one room.

Let me say outright that I’m still mulling this over; I don’t have the definitive answer to everything and this blog isn’t a straight up how-to. Instead I want to explore these ideas and invite you to come along and have some fun along the way. Also, this website is still very rough around the edges; I’ll get to fix that eventually.

This is what I want to do on this blog. It’s about time for me to start writing again anyways.